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Excerpt from the History of Children’s Medical Group:


After finishing Emory University, Medical College of Georgia, and pediatric residency training at the U.S. Naval Hospital in Charleston and Cincinnati Children's Hospital,  Forest D. Jones joined Dr.’s Patterson, Teate and Walker in private practice at the Howell House in downtown Atlanta in 1958 and for a short time the practice was a four physician operation. At that time Forest was also a member of the Emory Department of Pediatrics faculty and chairman of the department at Crawford Long Hospital and had been in practice for four years with his uncle and namesake Tom Forest Davenport, one of the pioneers of pediatric medicine in the Atlanta area.  Dr. Jones’ kindness and charming wit made him an immediate success in private practice further extending his vision for pediatric medical care in Atlanta. According to Pat Kyser, the front receptionist at the time, answering the phone at the office with the greeting, "Drs. Patterson, Teate, Walker and Jones" was becoming tiresome and the need for an official name for the practice was apparent. Ruby Patterson suggested the name Children's Medical Group and the name was officially adopted.

Dr. Jones was especially well known among the staff for his poetic efforts and consistently offered up a humorous rhyme for special occasions at CMG such as welcome dinners for new partners, retirement parties for venerable staff, Christmas parties, and banquets celebrating the founding of Children’s Medical Group. He claimed that his physical stature made him somewhat of a Longfellow.

Forest remained a great teacher both to his patients and their parents as well as to his colleagues throughout his tenure with CMG. His thoughtful and deliberate approach to solving medical issues characterized the old school practice of medicine. Dr. Thomas Calk states, "In my first few days of practice at CMG he called me to his office during lunch and suggested that I should feel free to ask him anything I wanted to know about managing medical problems with which I was not comfortable or familiar because he had been in practice for a long time and had a great deal of experience…and after a moment with a gleam in his eye he looked over his glasses and said, “but don’t be surprised if I ask you to consult with me on patients with problems that require someone better trained than myself because you are fresh out of residency and fellowship training and you know a lot of things that I don’t know.” He encouraged me to develop my practice within CMG in the style that I felt best suited my patients and their needs. To this day it is some of the best advice I have ever been given."!/Obituary


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