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Well Child Visits

At Children’s Medical Group, we believe that maintaining routine physical visits is essential to the overall well-being of your child. All the well child visits will focus on necessary vaccines, growth, development, nutrition, and mental health. Please refer to the chart below for a description of the vaccines and screening tests that might apply to your child. Please feel free to print and fill out the appropriate screening questionnaire before your child’s appointment.

Age Vaccines Screening Tests
Newborn Hep B ( if not given at the hospital)  
1 month Hep B if not given at birth Maternal Post-Partum Depression Screening
2 month Vaxelis (DTaPHIBPolio, Hep B), PrevnarRotavirus Maternal Post-Partum Depression Screening
4 month Vaxelis (DTaPHIBPolio, Hep B), Prevnar, Rotavirus Maternal Post-Partum Depression Screening
6 month Vaxelis(DTaPHIB, Polio, Hep B), PrevnarRotavirus, Hep B, seasonal flu vaccine Maternal Post-Partum Depression Screening
9 month seasonal flu vaccine Ages & Stages Screen
12 month MMR, Chicken Pox, Hep A (MUST be exactly on or after 1 year birthday), seasonal flu vaccine Hematocrit, Lead (if required)
15 month Pentacel (DTaPHIBPolio), Prevnar, seasonal flu vaccine  
18 month Hep A, seasonal flu vaccine *Spot Vision test, MCHAT, Ages & Stages Screen
24 month seasonal flu vaccine MCHAT,*Spot Vision Test, Hematocrit, Lead (if required)
30 month seasonal flu vaccine
Ages & Stages Screen. *Spot/Lighthouse Vision Test
3 years old seasonal flu vaccine *Spot/Lighthouse Vision Test
4 years old DTaPPolioMMRChicken Pox ( MUST be exactly on or after 4 year birthday) Hearing/Vision
5- 8 years old seasonal flu vaccine Hearing/Vision
9 years old seasonal flu vaccine total cholesterol
10 years old seasonal flu vaccine  
11 years old TdaP, Menactra, HPV, seasonal flu vaccine  
12-15 years old HPV (if needed), seasonal flu vaccine age appropriate teen screen
16 years old Menactra, HPV(if needed), seasonal flu vaccine, Men B Vaccine age appropriate teen screen
17-21 years old HPV (if needed), seasonal flu vaccine, TdaP, Men B Vaccine age appropriate teen screen, total cholesterol

*On site Spot Vision test is a state of the art, handheld, portable device designed to help providers quickly and easily detect vision issues on patients from 6 months of age through adult. Lighthouse vision chart uses letters and pictures to evaluate for vision acuity.

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